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Studio-  954 E. Kentucky St., Louisville, KY 40204  (by appointment, please).


I love coming up with designs for your house that characterize you.

It's your house, after all. 

I also love figuring out ways to make your house more useful.

Whether you've seen your neighbors half dressed and making their morning coffee (which probably means they've seen you grinding those beans). Or the sunlight in the kitchen is blinding for two hours everyday. Maybe your front door is really ugly? Or just tired of those stupid blinds? Perhaps all you want is just something really, really pretty.

We can help you with all of those things.

Give me some rough sizes and let's talk about ideas.

In case you didn't know-

  • The leaded glass panels we make can be simply installed up to the glass in your existing window.
  • Glass panels can be sandwiched between two other pieces of glass and used as an insulated unit. (handy for front doors and bathroom shower windows)
  • We can crate and ship to pretty much anywhere- and have.


Have a question? We have answers. 

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