Fassinger Entry

San Francisco, CA


Leaded, Beveled Glass


Sandblasted, Beveled, Laminated, Leaded glass

Always a little humbled when I get a call to make something for a client that isn't local. Sure, it presents it's own set of challenges- not being able to see the site, relying on other folks to make templates and getting sizes- not to mention the crating, shipping and installation. This was a fun project nonetheless.

The homeowner is an avid gardener and was looking for something geometric. I wanted to try and incorporate the entire entry in the design to make it appear larger.

I sandblasted a seed pod design into the clear glass. The ones in the door panels are small in spring colors.  Moving outward into the sidelite panel with a more mature pod, ready for harvest. The furthest ring, lit in autumn hues, shows a pod tired and bedraggled.

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